Lens thickness can be adjusted according to your requirements.
Lens base Lens Type Lens Dimension Thickness Remark
4C Spherical Dia 76mm 1.6-2.5mm  
6C Spherical 80x65mm 1.6-2.5mm  
8C Spherical 90x65mm 2.0-2.2mm Decentered
6C Spherical 170x75mm 1.6-2.5mm  
6C Cylindrical 170x75mm 1.6-2.5mm  
7C Spherical 148x75mm 1.6-2.5mm  
7C Cylindrical 148x75mm 1.6-2.5mm  
6X3.5C Toric 160x75mm 1.6-2.5mm  
5C Cylindrical 190x115mm 1.0-1.6mm  
5.5C Spherical 185x115mm 1.0-1.6mm  
5.5C Cylindrical 185x115mm 1.0-1.6mm  
5.8X3.3C Toric 180x106mm 1.0-1.6mm  

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